Shot blasting robot

Developed through the SEBRAE-RS INOVAPERS grant project, InJAT consists of a robot capable of performing the
blasting procedure on surfaces of refinery tanks or ship hulls. 

Equipped with tracked tracks magnetized by permanent magnets, the robot has the ability to attach to the ferromagnetic
surfaces of these components, thus scaling the sides.

In the center of its body, an oscillatory system fixes a shot blasting structure, and combining the robot's climbing movements
with the blast nozzle oscillation, the blasting area of ??these surfaces is filled.

Its ground control base communicates with the robot through the umbilical, and allows viewing of the cameras embedded in
the robot, helping and speeding up the procedure.

Main features:

  • Fixing by magnetic tracks
  • Movement through electric motors
  • Robot advance speed and nozzle oscillation adjustable according to the desired roughness when blasting
  • Control base and control computers with intuitive software
  • Transport car with easy locomotion





InJAT - 1
InJAT - 2

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