Electrospinning equipments

Electrospinning is a technology that uses high intensity electric fields to produce fibers. In this process, a jet of fluid material
is accelerated and stretched through an electric field producing fibers of nanometric diameter.

Nanofibers have a diameter of billionths of a meter, thousands of times smaller than a common textile fiber, which gives
them great technological and industrial potential. The most common use is polymeric nanocomposites, but the fibers
can be used in several fields, such as the production of biomaterials, in medicine, tissue engineering and ceramic fibers.

Instor's various electrospinning models are designed according to the customer's needs. The equipment can be mounted in
an exhaust hood and can accompany several accessories, such as a rotating roller, to obtain aligned fibers, a rotating disk,
to collect a larger area of ??fibers, among others. It is also possible to develop new accessories according to the customer's needs.

Currently, Instor's electrospinning equipments are used to develop research in several brazilian universities and companies,
contributing to the national development of nanotechnology.

Digital control system:

Instor's electrospinnings have a digital control system where the researcher can control syringe position, speed and stopping time.
In the same way it is possible to control the voltage applied to the system.

This digital control system has a micro controlled plate, buttons and potentiometers for adjusting the values. In operation it will
indicate the value of the tension defined by the user and also the position of the syringes, in order to establish the precision of
the working conditions. The digital sources allow applying positive and negative voltages up to +/- 30KV.




Electrospinning with enclosure
Electrospinning without enclosure
Electrospinning set - 1
Electrospinning set - 2
Roll type collector
Digital control system
Multiple syringe pump
Coaxial accessory



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