Equipment for heat exchangers cleaning

Instor has developed a robotic equipment for autonomous cleaning of heat exchanger bundles, which eliminates the risk
to the operator and increases the efficiency of the cleaning operation. The InHB is a cartesian-type robot that automatically
identifies the position of each of the hundreds of tubes in a heat exchanger and inserts three waterjet hoses concomitantly
to perform unblocking cleaning.

The productivity of this robotic equipment is high due to the fact that it performs the cleaning of three tubes simultaneously
in a completely autonomous way. The speed for inserting the waterjet hoses is regulated as needed.

Main features:

  • Serves heat exchangers with diameter between 800mm and 2000mm
  • Operation with up to 3 waterjet hoses simultaneously
  • Feed speed of up to 600 mm/s
  • Movement on the X, Y and Z axis

InHb control software allows to:

  • Control the cleaning speed
  • Monitor the cleaning time
  • Issue reports
  • Analyze cleaning histories

Main advantages:

  • Reduction of work risks
  • Increase production by up to 300%
  • Protection according to NR-12
  • Pneumatic drive
  • Fully automated process




InHb - 1
InHb - 2
InHb - 3

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