Anti-bomb robot

Xiru 3 is a robot developed for handling explosive or suspicious devices. It is provided with a pair of independent
movement tracks, with inclined angle of attack for overlapping obstacles.

Through a single set of joystick, it is possible to control the position of the claw and the locomotion of the robot. This
intuitive control has two movement speeds configurable by the operator, enabling the handling of sensitive artifacts.

Its arm has 4 degrees of freedom (three rotational and one linear). This allows it to inspect and collect objects at locations 
difficult to access, such as under a car or in the trunk of an airplane, for example. Its claw has 3 degrees of freedom
(rotational), which allow sufficient mobility to collect objects in any position. Optionally, different formats can be made available.

The robot is equipped with four video cameras capable of recording, capturing images and infrared vision. Optionally, one of
the cameras can have thermal vision. The bidirectional sound system allows transmission and reception sound for long distance

Its portable control base is equipped with a computer, 15 ”LCD screen, speakers, microphone and a joystick for command of
movements. The software, completely intuitive, allows you to view the images from the 4 cameras simultaneously, as well as
configuring the video, audio, control speed and even monitoring the battery level.

Main features:

Dimensions  490 x 1160 x 520 (mm)
• Weight – 120 kg
• Autonomy of 3 hours in operation or 8 hours in standby
• Ability to operate in any type of terrain
• Maximum load  20Kg
• Ability to climb or descend stairs
• Communication range – 2 km in open field
• 4 infrared cameras
• Comes with control case



XIRU 3 with the arm open
XIRU 3 with the arm closed

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