Inspection robot

Tupã is a mobile inspection robot capable of moving over uneven terrain and transmitting images remotely.

Main features:

  • Three cameras, one of which is mobile with thermal vision capability
  • Robotic arm with three degrees of freedom
  • 4X4 traction
  • LED lighting
  • Remote control via industrial laptop

Tecnical specifications:

  • Maximum elevation of the PTZ camera – 1,6 m
  • Maximum pending – 45°
  • Maximum speed– 9 km/h
  • Protection rating – IP66
  • Autonomy – 2 horas
  • Maximum communication distance – 1 km


  • The robot can be controlled remotely by the operator using a computer or tablet for industrial use, with IP65 protection
  • A joystick can be used as a peripheral to control the robot
  • The robot can be connected to the local WIFI network


  • IP65 computer
  • IP65 tablet
  • Gas sensors
  • 3D laser sensor
  • Odometry
  • GPS positioning
  • Wireless inductive charger base
  • Thermal camera
  • IP66 joystick
  • Arm with a gripper
  • Extra battery
  • IP65 POE injector
  • Network cable for computer connection (30m)
  • Repeater stations
  • WIFI or AIRMAX communication
  • Transport case





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